Saturday, November 25, 2006


Every morning when I walk in the front door of my oh-so-politically-correct law school, I am confronted by a seemingly innocuous sticker showing a gun with a Ghostbusters style red circle-with-a-slash. The message, of course, is that weapons are not allowed on the premises.

I understand the motivation for this type of thing. After all, there have been a frightening number of school shootings, from Columbine to the shooting of the Amish children . . .but I had wondered if letting crazy gun toting killers know that no one would be able to defend himself* if the crazy gun toting killers decided to have their next rampage in my school was the best idea.

My fears were all for not. Yesterday, I saw a gentleman sitting on one of the "smoking benches" with a sad expression on his face and a semi-automatic under his arm.

"What's wrong?" I asked, being the compassionate individual that I am.

He looked at me with soft brown eyes misted with unshed tears. "I wanted to shoot the whole %&*#$ place up. . ." he said, "but then I saw the sticker . . ."

For the purposes of full disclosure, the incident described above never happened.

I know, big shocker, since it never would happen.

But there is a ray of hope. Even if the sticker serves only as a deterrent to upstanding citizens from protecting themselves from the crazies, perhaps the angry feminists who loiter in the hallways will have their own deterrent effect.

* This use of "himself" as a universal pronoun could be enough to set the feminists after me!!!

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