Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Ready for Marriage . . .

My fiance and I sometimes amuse ourselves by singing church music. Neither one of us can sing but it's fun and not annoying, like it can be when you sing with someone who just KNOWS they sound good. For awhile, our repetoire was a little limited, since my honey was strictly new Mass until we started dating. But last night we branched out into a little "Kyrie" and "Agnus Dei." Quite a change from "On Eagle's Wings!"

Well, while we were on the topic, I suggested that he listen to the Mass music I had picked out for our wedding. It's "Mass of the Sheperds" by Karl Kempter. You can listen to it online here (just scroll down to the bottom of the page).

The only problem was that my sweet, wonderful honey loves the TLM in large portion because of the solemnity of it all. He thought "Mass of the Sheperds" was a little too "joyful." So I beat the crap out of him and told him that he could be depressed on our wedding day if he wants to, but we're having "Mass of the Sheperds."

Isn't it beautiful? We're really learning to compromise . . . ;)

Update . . .

My letter might produce some results . . . we'll see. Apparently the sight of my professor's name in the cc list ruffled some feathers, and the Vice President of Student Affairs invited me to have a meeting with him. So I did.

When I walked into his office he immediately started protesting that the University has not discriminated against the Cardinals for Life, and has even given them travel money (for the March for Life in D.C.).

I told him that wasn't my allegation, but, as I stated in my letter, that it would be greatly appreciated if the University would take steps to properly inform campus security that student groups don't need a license. He responded that if someone calls and complains, then campus security has to "check out the situation." I responded that that isn't the problem. Security hasn't simply asked if it's a student groups and then moved on, security has demanded that the students leave. I also mentioned that student groups should be reminded that they are not to call security simply because they dislike the message of other groups.

We'll see if it helps.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pro-Abortion Groups Can't Take The Heat!

When Planned Parenthood came to my oh-so-liberal-law-school, the Cardinals for Life (an undergraduate group) valiantly appeared, passing out flyers and standing up for innocent pre-born babies. Of course, all the strong independant womyn sponsoring the event couldn't be expected to win with logic and rhetoric in the marketplace of ideas. Oh, no. They called Campus Security to protect them from the two(2) young women and two(2) young men who were handing out information outside of the forum causing absolutely no disruption to the event itself. This is the second time that Planned Parenthood and their student group lackeys have pulled this kind of stunt.

Well, I'm a law student, so I sent a friendly letter to the VP of Student Affairs, President Ramsey, Dean Chen, and several other key individuals in our university.

Here is my letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

On several occasions members of the student organization,“Cardinals for Life,” have been approached by Campus Security at the request of other student organizations. The members of “Cardinals for Life” have been told that they need a license to hand out literature, and since they do not have a license they must leave the area.

According to the Code of Student Right’s, Section 7, part C, “students may distribute written material on campus without prior approval, providing such distribution does not disrupt the operations of the University or violate University rules.”

I respectfully request the University to inform all student organizations that it is impermissible to use Campus Security as a means of denying the free speech rights of other student organizations.

I further request that Campus Security be informed that student organizations do not need a “license” to distribute literature on campus. This instruction will prevent Campus Security from wasting time harassing student organizations exercising free speech rights, and prevent an impermissible chilling of free speech due to intimidation.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

My Signature

We'll see if this letter produces any results, even though the faculty advisor for the Federalist Society (yes, I cc'd him) suggested resending the letter through counsel, since he does not expect the University to take action when a mere student points out that there are violations of their own student handbook, (not to mention the Constitution) going on!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This morning at the Abortion Mill . . .

our new Archbishop Kurtz was in attendance! It is so wonderful to have support like that coming from the hierarchy, especially considering that Archbishop Kelly didn't even come to the annual Walk for Life.

There were about 350 people there, so I'm guessing people knew that the Archbishop was coming. Hopefully this exposure to what's going on downtown will inspire people to devote maybe one Saturday a month to praying outside the mill.

I caught a little exchange between some of the escorts that was startling in its stupidity. Apparently they think the Archbishop was violating the "separation of church and state." What? Do they just want him to keep his religion inside the four walls of the Church? Haven't they heard about that pesky "free exercise" clause? You know, the one that is actually in the Constitution?

Sigh. I hope they don't go to law school. They'd probably get straight A's and end up on the Kentucky Supreme Court . . .

Friday, November 9, 2007

Diversity for me, but not for thee . . .

At my oh-so-politically-correct-law-school they don't even TRY to hide the agenda. Our "Diversity Committe" for example, has hosted such diverse forums as:

"Why Affirmative Action is a Relevent Necessity." Everyone on the panel was lock-step in agreement that of course we need affirmative action! How else are wealthy white liberals going to feel good about themselves?

We also had a forum about homosexual marriage, with a panel of THREE homosexuals. The highlight of the event was when the lesbian started railing against the "religious right" for their intolerance.

Now, dear friends, we are going to have a forum on "Reproductive Freedom" with Planned Parenthood, and some reporter who, I have a sneaky suspicion, is also pro-abortion. Here's a link to the announcement of the forum which is open to the public. If anyone reads this and happens to be in Louisville on Nov. 13th, please come, get free lunch, and help me give 'em hell.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kentucky's Gubernatorial Race

Well, it looks like somebody finally put a fire to Governor Fletcher's backside, and reminded him that there are lots of issues that socially conservative Democrats in Ky care about. While his campaign until now has focused on, "The other guy has ethics problems too!" in the 11th hour Fletcher is pointing out some of the issues that may cause Kentuckians, especially those from Western KY, to think twice before voting for Beshear.

For example, Beshear has been endorsed by a radical homosexual lobby. Here is a link to their endorsement, and if you can manage to parse the doublespeak, it quickly becomes apparent that Beshear has promised same-sex unions and the promotion of homosexual adoptions among other things. Kentuckians overwhelmingly voted to affirm marriage as marriage, and I'm sure most do not want special protections and privileges for a small group of deviants.

I haven't been blogging . . .

because I got engaged! And I've been very busy with planning the wedding, not to mention the regular duties of a full time law student.

I'll probably end up turning this into a wedding blog because it's the foremost topic on my brain. Paying attention in Products Liability has been challenging to say the least!