Monday, January 29, 2007

Law Students and Reality

Today was a cold day in Louisville, I'll admit, but never have I heard so many people complaining about the temperature than my fellow law school students. I was wondering if there was a reason for the extraordinary quantity of whining by these law students, and I think I have discovered it. Law students aren't good at dealing with what is.

Let me explain. Rarely, if ever, will a law student (or for that matter a lawyer) give anyone a straight answer. For example, if you ask a law student, "Should XYZ evidence be admitted into trial?" The answer will invariably be "That depends."

This is not reality. This is a world where reality is constantly manipulated to fit whatever notion that particular person is advocating at that moment. Is the defendant guilty? Not if Johnny Cochran (RIP) is around!

Icy cold weather cannot be manipulated into something that it's not. Cold is cold, and no amount of clever argumentation can change it. Lawyers hate that.

I bet the mechanical engineers handled the weather with fewer complaints . . . they deal with reality . . .

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