Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Intellectual Confusion of PC Policies

On the Dean of Admissions' door at my oh-so-politically-correct law school there is a sticker proclaiming his office to be a "safe-zone."

The pretty pink triangle of course means "safe" for gay people. Now, I have no intention of discussing the obvious false advertising of this sticker, since I'm sure our Dean of Admissions hasn't found the cure for HIV/AIDS. What I want to discuss are the implications of the sticker.

1. Only homosexuals are safe in this particular area. Since there is a sticker for one group and not others, it may be assumed that heterosexuals and asexuals are not safe there.

2. The rest of the campus is unsafe. I think the true implication of the sticker is that it is unsafe for homosexuals everywhere else, but without a sticker, how are heterosexuals going to know where they are safe?

For example, there is no Safety Sticker here:

How can we know if this is a safe place, or even more disturbing . . .who it is safe for?!?!

Call me crazy, but shouldn't the whole campus be "safe" for everyone?

I wouldn't want to inadvertantly step into the "unsafe for women zone" and get the snot beaten out of me. I'm much too delicate and dainty.

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