Monday, May 14, 2007

Separate Graduation Ceremonies

So today I checked "The Daily Docket," an email from the law school administrators letting us know what's going on at school. It came as a bit of a surprise to me (though it shouldn't) that the BLSA (Black Law School Association) is having a special graduation ceremony the night before the general graduation ceremony. Can I get a "What? What?"

How shameful! Students of the BLSA, let me extend my apologies for the actions of our school! Fight the power, and don't let them send you to the back of the bus! Separate is inherently unequal, and if a diverse group of people (meaning people with different skin tones) is not represented at the ceremony, the ceremony will also be presumptively racist! You will not learn cultural sensitivity!

They are trying to bamboozle you with a special ceremony, but you shouldn't fall for it! Remember, "special" is also a term used for the mentally impaired. Don't let the University label you "Not as good." Boycott the racist ceremony and join your peers at the general ceremony!

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