Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ahhh . . .Cheap Labor!

For my summer employment, I worked at a legal aid clinic in NoVa. I worked for free, as an investment in my future career as a struggling-to-pay-off-my-student-loans attorney. Hopefully, this investment will pay off. That's one example of cheap labor.

A second example of cheap labor is the crowd of day workers I passed every morning on my way to work. Actually, I pretty much passed them morning, noon, and night. In fact, one night I passed one who was passed OUT under a tree by the local library, being oh so gently shaken awake by a policeman. I am somewhat uncharitably but realistically under the assumption that the gentleman in question was passed out due to excessive drinking at the run down watering hole that is catty-corner to the library.

I was really disappointed that I didn't have a camera to capture that incident, so I borrowed one to take a few pics for posterity. These aren't the best, when I took these pictures it was a little late in the day for prime day worker gathering, but they do give a feel for what it's like in NoVa re: illegal(?) immigrants hangin' around, waiting for the white vans to come pick them up for a job.


Hlebfan said...

You didn't conduct an in-dept interview?

Sarah said...

I don't speak Spanish . . .