Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the Anniversary of Roe. . .

Planned Parenthood loves having access to high school students. They claim that they are interested in the "health" of these young people, and also have a goal of reducing "unplanned" pregnancies. Yeah right. Check out this consumer report, which rated the condoms distributed by PP as "poor"! Considering that the majority of people seeking an abortion claim a "contraceptive failure" we shouldn't be surprised that PP is quite willing to up those numbers. More money in the bank!

Another interesting tidbit amidst all the media yowling about abstinence only education, is that in California, the first state to reject federal funding tied to abstinence programs, the STD rate among teenagers is skyrocketing. Mmmmm . . .chlamydia, now that's healthy! To view charts of California's STD rates and teen pregnancy, go here and here. And of course, here is a report concerning abortions funded by Medi-Cal in 2001.

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