Monday, August 4, 2008

Ten things I'd like to see in action meme . . .

Courtesy of Redneck Catholic (formerly Ignorant Redneck Rants):

10. Kentucky State licensing of me to practice the Law.
9. Derek Jeeter. (I'm not really a baseball/Yankees fan, but . . .Hello, Mr. Jeeter!)
8. A steam cleaner on the area rug in the front room.
7. My honey playing soccer. (He's got skills! Even better than Jeeter!)
6. The end of abortion.
5. Renewal and revitilization of convents.
4. My pregnancy. (Don't get excited! I'm not preggers yet, but it IS on my wish list. Hey, maybe it will help with number 5 . . .)
3. It would be nice if the Republican party could return to it's conservative roots.
2. The kids playing.
And . . .
1. Fr. Klotter bustin' out in the Extraordinary Form!


ignorant redneck said...

That's a good list! but I wanna see Fr. Klotter bustin' out after consecration to episcopal orders!

Drina said...

I like it! :)