Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coat Hanger Abortion

Lately, I've been seeing the ever-ready-to-be-dusted-off-argument-for-legalized-abortion being taken out of the basement, primarily as a reaction to Gov. Palin. It is the dreaded "rusty coat-hanger" argument.

From now on, here is how that line of "reasoning" will be rebutted by yours truly:

Pro-Abort: "You are such a horrible person! If abortion isn't legal, women will be forced to jeopardize their health with a rusty coat-hanger!"

Me: "You're right. Getting stabbed to death with a rusty coat-hanger would be awful. That will be illegal, too."


ignorant redneck said...

Yeah--as cold as it sounds, some woman MURDERS her child with a rusty coathanger, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for her? Not hardly.

Journey of Truth said...

Well, that is saying it like it is (truth hurts). Murder is murder.

Anonymous said...

No it was not right for her to use a rust coat hanger, but this is why abortion should not become illegal. If it does women will do more home abortions or back alley abortions

Anonymous said...

Fun fact for people everywhere. Abortion is a personal choice. Women who do not wish to have children will find a way to not have that child. Murder is one opinion. But no one can truly say the moment that life begins. If you are against abortion good for you, but if your daughter were to be raped and later finds she is having a child, I wouldn't be surprised if she would want an abortion. If you decide not to have an abortion great. But i would like a safe abortion if I was unable to have a child at the moment. It is better to have a child in a stable environment (financially and emotionally) than in a house hold that is not. Some women believe that it is best not to have a child at that time if the child has a small chance at living a good life. Abortion should be legal because it is a choice. not to mention if you ban abortion stem cell research is gone, that could save YOUR or a loved ones LIFE. Get all the facts. Abortion saves lives. Stem cell research SAVES lives. The two are connected. You are sadly sadly uneducated about the benefits of Pro-Abortion.

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry for babies of people who are pro-abortion. They grow up knowing that they are posessions of their own mother to be tortured and discarded depending on whether they are a burden to her or not. Do you not know when life begins because you don't know what gives you life or because you choose to ignore that there is life so you can dispose of the consequences AFTER an imprudent choice has already been made? There is no benefit to killing an innocent baby. There is only guilt and shame.
As for stem-cell research, embryonic stem-cells have had 0 success to date for aiding any disease. It is a theory that they will be useful in curing diseases. The results of the use of embryonic stem-cells have been tumors and other dreaded side effects. On the other hand, adult stem-cells have resulted in many successful treatments of various types of problems without horrible side-effects. The death of an innocent baby to hypothetically cure a disease is NOT saving anyones life.