Friday, November 9, 2007

Diversity for me, but not for thee . . .

At my oh-so-politically-correct-law-school they don't even TRY to hide the agenda. Our "Diversity Committe" for example, has hosted such diverse forums as:

"Why Affirmative Action is a Relevent Necessity." Everyone on the panel was lock-step in agreement that of course we need affirmative action! How else are wealthy white liberals going to feel good about themselves?

We also had a forum about homosexual marriage, with a panel of THREE homosexuals. The highlight of the event was when the lesbian started railing against the "religious right" for their intolerance.

Now, dear friends, we are going to have a forum on "Reproductive Freedom" with Planned Parenthood, and some reporter who, I have a sneaky suspicion, is also pro-abortion. Here's a link to the announcement of the forum which is open to the public. If anyone reads this and happens to be in Louisville on Nov. 13th, please come, get free lunch, and help me give 'em hell.


Karin said...


Of course PP is diverse...regardless of your babies gender or color they will kill it.


Sarah said...

I know . . .I think "diversity" is lib-speak for "What we think."

They're lucky they have the No Gun stickers up!

Donald R. McClarey said...

Hmmm. It seems that law school hasn't changed much since I graduated in 1982. In an odd way it makes me sorry for liberals. They pass through higher education with their positions supported and their biases unchallenged. Conservative students on the other hand spend every day having their views challenged. Guess which group emerges intellectually more adept at defending their views and challenging opposing views. Lemon? Lemonaid!