Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Ready for Marriage . . .

My fiance and I sometimes amuse ourselves by singing church music. Neither one of us can sing but it's fun and not annoying, like it can be when you sing with someone who just KNOWS they sound good. For awhile, our repetoire was a little limited, since my honey was strictly new Mass until we started dating. But last night we branched out into a little "Kyrie" and "Agnus Dei." Quite a change from "On Eagle's Wings!"

Well, while we were on the topic, I suggested that he listen to the Mass music I had picked out for our wedding. It's "Mass of the Sheperds" by Karl Kempter. You can listen to it online here (just scroll down to the bottom of the page).

The only problem was that my sweet, wonderful honey loves the TLM in large portion because of the solemnity of it all. He thought "Mass of the Sheperds" was a little too "joyful." So I beat the crap out of him and told him that he could be depressed on our wedding day if he wants to, but we're having "Mass of the Sheperds."

Isn't it beautiful? We're really learning to compromise . . . ;)

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