Saturday, November 10, 2007

This morning at the Abortion Mill . . .

our new Archbishop Kurtz was in attendance! It is so wonderful to have support like that coming from the hierarchy, especially considering that Archbishop Kelly didn't even come to the annual Walk for Life.

There were about 350 people there, so I'm guessing people knew that the Archbishop was coming. Hopefully this exposure to what's going on downtown will inspire people to devote maybe one Saturday a month to praying outside the mill.

I caught a little exchange between some of the escorts that was startling in its stupidity. Apparently they think the Archbishop was violating the "separation of church and state." What? Do they just want him to keep his religion inside the four walls of the Church? Haven't they heard about that pesky "free exercise" clause? You know, the one that is actually in the Constitution?

Sigh. I hope they don't go to law school. They'd probably get straight A's and end up on the Kentucky Supreme Court . . .


ignorant redneck said...

Nice Lady,

yes, they want religion to kept within the walls of the home and the church building itself.

anytime a religious leader excercises his right to free speech they view it as a violation of church and state.

What they see as the proper interpetation is freedom from religion.

Foushee said...

It was extremely nice for the Archbishop to be at the abortion mill this week. A breath of fresh air. It was funny to see a lot of those people there since I've never seen them there before. I admit, I havn't gone in a long time and, yes, I did go because the archbishop was going to be there. Let's hope it does inspire people to start going again but I have a feeling many were just part of a political side show.

-The Cynic

P.S. My sister Emily found this blog and sent me an email. :)