Monday, November 19, 2007

Pro-Abortion Groups Can't Take The Heat!

When Planned Parenthood came to my oh-so-liberal-law-school, the Cardinals for Life (an undergraduate group) valiantly appeared, passing out flyers and standing up for innocent pre-born babies. Of course, all the strong independant womyn sponsoring the event couldn't be expected to win with logic and rhetoric in the marketplace of ideas. Oh, no. They called Campus Security to protect them from the two(2) young women and two(2) young men who were handing out information outside of the forum causing absolutely no disruption to the event itself. This is the second time that Planned Parenthood and their student group lackeys have pulled this kind of stunt.

Well, I'm a law student, so I sent a friendly letter to the VP of Student Affairs, President Ramsey, Dean Chen, and several other key individuals in our university.

Here is my letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

On several occasions members of the student organization,“Cardinals for Life,” have been approached by Campus Security at the request of other student organizations. The members of “Cardinals for Life” have been told that they need a license to hand out literature, and since they do not have a license they must leave the area.

According to the Code of Student Right’s, Section 7, part C, “students may distribute written material on campus without prior approval, providing such distribution does not disrupt the operations of the University or violate University rules.”

I respectfully request the University to inform all student organizations that it is impermissible to use Campus Security as a means of denying the free speech rights of other student organizations.

I further request that Campus Security be informed that student organizations do not need a “license” to distribute literature on campus. This instruction will prevent Campus Security from wasting time harassing student organizations exercising free speech rights, and prevent an impermissible chilling of free speech due to intimidation.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

My Signature

We'll see if this letter produces any results, even though the faculty advisor for the Federalist Society (yes, I cc'd him) suggested resending the letter through counsel, since he does not expect the University to take action when a mere student points out that there are violations of their own student handbook, (not to mention the Constitution) going on!


ignorant redneck said...

Way to go!

I find it so interesting that the "progressives" yammer on about "speaking truth to power" when on campuses they hold the power and attempt to stifle speech.

Your faculty advisor, however, most probably has the right of it. It would work even better if counsel sent a letter on behalf of several students, or an identifiable group of students. Like, right after the next time they use this tactic, citing your letter as a prior grievance.

It's a dirty trick, but if you could enlist some eastern rite catholics, say Chaldeans or Maronites, or one of the other south asian tires you could also start the confusing process of pointing out that they are stifling sultural diversity.

Foushee said...

Thanks for helping.

I'm taking logic at U of L currently. Too bad most representing the school don't understand it.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

You remind me of the current crop of conservative, orthodox, Traditional young men that are currently entering the seminaries.

We may never see the immidiate fruits your your labors, but we sure as hell will in the next 5-10 years.

Keep up the good fight, Moria!