Monday, November 5, 2007

Kentucky's Gubernatorial Race

Well, it looks like somebody finally put a fire to Governor Fletcher's backside, and reminded him that there are lots of issues that socially conservative Democrats in Ky care about. While his campaign until now has focused on, "The other guy has ethics problems too!" in the 11th hour Fletcher is pointing out some of the issues that may cause Kentuckians, especially those from Western KY, to think twice before voting for Beshear.

For example, Beshear has been endorsed by a radical homosexual lobby. Here is a link to their endorsement, and if you can manage to parse the doublespeak, it quickly becomes apparent that Beshear has promised same-sex unions and the promotion of homosexual adoptions among other things. Kentuckians overwhelmingly voted to affirm marriage as marriage, and I'm sure most do not want special protections and privileges for a small group of deviants.

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